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AMVETS Post 911 NJ Plan Giving Program 

Each day, fourteen (14) to sixteen (16) veterans commit suicide. Those deaths are caused by the trauma of war, long and extensive overseas deployments, and also due to lack of job opportunity and advancement when they return home. Our goal is to have a building for our post to provide assistance to our veterans to help them overcome these issues. We envision a job bank, training area, resume writing and computer training, plus working with the various governmental representatives to ensure that those who need counseling or psychological help receive it.
Many Americans have expressed a desire to donate toward AMVETS Post 911 NJ Building Fund. Donations to fund our AMVET building will go a long way toward achieving our goal.

Probably the most well-known estate-planning tool is the last will and testament.
• Whether standing alone or as part of a multifaceted estate plan, a will is a convenient and often simple and straightforward way to distribute assets to those you love. It is also a powerful way to help veterans.
• There’s no time like the present to plan for the future. Remember, in this case, it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the Will!

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

• You can structure your will to make AMVETS Post 911 NJ the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or property, of a percentage of your estate, or of your residuary estate, which is what remains after all specific bequests and expenses are accounted for.
• To name AMVETS Post 911 NJ in your will, all you generally need is the following information:
• In addition, the following language can generally be used to make a bequest to AMVETS Post 911 NJ
“I give, devise, and bequeath to Help AMVETS Post 911 NJ, Inc., federal tax identification number 26-38990111, the sum of $ [amount] (or describe the real or personal property or percentage of your estate to be used for its general purposes).”

Mailing Address:

AMVETS Post 911 NJ
PO Box 413
Somers Point, NJ

Note: AMVETS Post 911 NJ strongly encourages the consultation with a professional legal advisor when preparing a will. The preceding should not be used as legal advice

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